Unofficial Guide to Lesson 3a

Today’s lesson is about Front Matter. Front matter is the front section of the book, everything before the actual chapters of the book start. It’s lesson 3a because I only go through and define the different parts of front matter but I don’t go back into Pressbooks and show you how to create it. Creation will be lesson 3b.

IF your enjoying these videos please let me know. Also let me know if there is any particular aspect of Pressbooks you would like me to cover.

  • Frank Fournier


    What tools do you use to build your demo? I like the talking head overlay and the spinning screen capture! What is your workflow for HTML5 compatibility? (800 * 600 output?)

    Great work!

  • Anonymous

    Frank I’m using Camtasia. It’s a great tool and allows you to choose the output format. 

  • Maria

    I will search for such for my blog too! Thanks for sharing them