Talking DADVocate Project

I don’t usually talk directly about my other projects on this blog as it is geared to a discussion on social media and business. However I form many of my ideas for this blog by executing them over on The DADvocate Project or through other various outlets. Today however I’m going to solicit this audience directly. If you are a reader of this blog and you are a dad then please go over to The DADvocate Project and take the Survey. If you are a reader of this blog and are not a dad then you most likely have a dad and or are married to a dad. Please ask them to take the survey.

The DADvocate Survey was put together last year as an effort to define who today’s dads are. In the media and press dads tend to get a bad rap and honestly Dads are not a lazy beer drinking group who sit on the couch and do nothing. Dads are also no longer the sole bread winners in the family and our societal role as men in families is changing. By the way our spending habits are changing as a result of the family dynamic change too.

The DADvocate survey looks how and where we dads are spending our time and in some cases money. Over 390 people have taken the survey thus far and I’m closing the survey in May. I hope to have close to 500 respondents by then but to make that happen I need your help. Please take the survey now or tell some friends. Heck post about it on facebook, twitter or linkedin. Thank you in advance.

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