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2011 Words for the year

2010 has been a great year for me personally and I’ve built quite a following in my DADvocate Project. I’ve also seen much success throughout the year. Interestingly I didn’t really set 2010 goals. I wanted to but for some reason I never really sat down and took the time. I guess I was really quite busy at the beginning of the year with launching the DADvocate project so I never got around to setting goals or resolutions.

This year I’ve decided to take a different approach. I’ve decided to choose three words. As a fan of social media one of my favorite bloggers is Chris Brogan. He has been choosing three words a year as guide posts since 2006. I read about this for the first time in his January 1 2010 Post My 3 words for 2010. Chris does a much better job of explaining that the three words should serve as a guide post for the year and has talked about how to choose the words. I’m not going to attempt to explain the process or reasoning, I’m just going to share mine for 2011.

Health - Health is about making choices. Choosing to pick the better option doing it constantly. Health is physical mental and societal. Health is also educating my self and my family. Health is choosing the best option in business decisions. Always ask when thinking about a topic is this the best healthiest decision?

Connect – I’ve spent time building community and content over the past year and I need to continue building that content, I’ve also connected with the dad community and special needs community to some degree. I need to connect more broadly across communities and stay connected. I need to always ask how can I connect deeper? How can I grow this relationship?

Mastery – I chose the word mastery to drive myself to build stronger deeper and more complete projects, further my skills and build accomplishment. I thought about words such as plan and execute but they were not broad enough. I want to master my projects and my skills. I will ask does this task or decision drive me closer to mastering this project or skill? Mastery also means that I have to measure results and adjust to see what works best. Mastery means being thorough. Mastery is a powerful and awesome word and will create some powerful movement.