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What could Lulu.com do better

I’m working on publishing a book my daughter wrote. It’s called “I’m Not Weird!” I don’t generally talk about my children on this blog but I do talk about my daughters CP on my other blog http://www.myspellingsucks.com.  I’ve been using Lulu but there are a few things they could definitely do better.

1) Create your selection boxes to gray out options if there not available. This is simple web design. It’s almost 2010 and the web has been around for nearly 20 years come on people.

2) Put all the information a user needs in one spot and provide definitions. I’ve never published a book before how do I know what cover type x is or what size y is? What’s Global Reach, What’s Extended Reach, Why do I need to print 24 pages? Why the #$*% do you cost so much? How should I know what I want my revenue per book to be? Hmm. I want the price to be market appropriate but you haven’t even told me how much it will cost to print!

3) Why in the world wouldn’t you include 20 books in your package. The author is going to want to send free books to people to review, and help sell the book. If you give them 20 books it will only help the sale of books and increase your revenue. COME ON PEOPLE IT’S ALMOST 2010 GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

PS – I just went and used their price calculators and realized that they are way to expensive to print copies. I’m now looking for another printer.