Lesson 2 in the Unofficial Guide

I love and published my first book there earlier this week. After publishing I decided I wanted to do an unofficial guide to using Pressbooks. If you want an easy platform to publish a book on Pressbooks is it. Today after uploading the second lesson of how to use pressbooks I found this video of Chris Brogan interviewing Hugh and thought it would be a great accompaniment to today’s lesson.

YouTube Preview Image

And now for today’s lesson.
YouTube Preview Image

  • Hugh McGuire

    thanks again kevin! (one note: seems the compression on this video made the screens harder to see than the last one?)

  • Anonymous

    Hugh, It’s one of two things, I change the way I recorded this session slightly and I rendered directly to YouTube. I suspect it’s that I rendered to YouTube. I’ll try to re render as flash and see if that works any better.  If it doesn’t I re-record it