All right ya’ll Google is awesome. If you are a small business owner and you’re still using MicroSoft you need to STOP!

You need to stop paying incredibly high prices
You need to stop re-learning the software every time a new release comes out
You need to stop worrying about security
You need to stop having to relearn operating systems
You need to stop running upgrades every few days
You need to stop fearing the net

You need to Start Using an operating system that is easy to use and intuitive. The new Crome-Tops or Mac OS are much easier to navigate and learn. Installation an upgrades are easy and simply work. Chrome doesn’t even have to be loaded and will never need an update because it does the work for you.

You need To Start Using Google docs. IT’S FREE. AND NOW IT DOES EVERYTHING Office does. Well almost Google Docs still does not have project management software but every other feature of office can be found on Google including Pivot charts. If you don’t use pivot charts you should and Google makes it so much easier than Excel its just crazy how fun they are to work on. This recent change alone made Google a full service provider for me.

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    Google is amazing, it is offering so many excellent services that too  free of cost.