#40in240 Project – Get the Book!

My friend, and a truly intrepid marketer Todd Schnick recently took on a large and ambitious project. He wanted to create a book, a mini-MBA of sorts for recent college grads so they could learn from and be mentored by folks who had been out of school for a while and had some experience.  Todd created a simple but effective platform #40in240. Todd gathered 40 of “Atlanta’s best and brightest.” his words not mine and asked them to write in 240 words or less something for the college student just getting out of school. I’m proud to be part of the elite group of individuals who contributed to this project although I’m not entirely sure I’m qualified to hang with many of these awesome contributors.

I want to sum up and share a few of the main points shared throughout the book.

  • Find what you love and do it.
  • Do it
  • Get started and don’t quit
  • You’ll be afraid. That’s okay do it anyway.
  • You’ll fail that’s okay do it anyway, and do it again.
  • Get Help
  • Forget what critics say
  • Trust your own brand of crazy
  • Take Risks – they often aren’t really all that risky

There are many many many more lessons to be taken from this wonderful and free book and the lessons are really for everyone not just the recently graduated.

I’d like to thank Todd for pulling this project together and including me with all these wonderful and talented people. Todd thanks for being an example of what can be done when you DO what you love.

Go get the book from Todd’s site here.

  • Todd Schnick

    kevin – i am grateful to you for doing this post, and more importantly, for sharing your wisdom in the book itself. my heartfelt thanks…

  • http://www.TheDADvocateProject.com Anonymous

    Todd – i am grateful to you for including me. This was a wonderful idea and project.